This  button within the software is used to access our web-based Outbreaks page, updated daily.

The RoverTravelScript database contains over 1400 disease outbreaks.  These can be sorted by year, disease and country, providing an invaluable resource.  The following outbreaks are provided as examples.

Date Country Outbreak Comment Source Status


Zika virus On 18 January 2016 Haiti notified PAHO/WHO of 5 laboratory-confirmed cases of Zika virus infection. Of the 5 confirmed cases, 4 are from the Delmas commune while the remaining case is from the Pétion-Ville commune…   WHO Alert
23/12/01 Congo Ebola-Marburg virus The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed an outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever among residents of villages near the site of the current Ebola outbreak in Gabon…   CDC Update