Why Good Employees Leave

Our Recruitment team at Rich Water Consulting, RWC, work with countless of organisations and talented job seekers every day. We asked them what are the most common reasons good employees leave and how companies can combat them. Below are the top 3 reasons:


Direct Management

People often leave managers, not the companies. The organisation may have invested a lot of time and money into creating a fun and challenging work environment, however you can have the best at these and then be let down by management. It is important that organisations have honest conversations about each leaders’ style and have regular 360 degree check-ins with the entire team. This type of review can be daunting for management, however understanding your style and knowing how you can better lead your team will only lead to better deliverables and retention of staff. At the end of the day it is creating positive working relationships.


Fun and Challenging Working Environment

This is not a new problem and it is not going to go away. If you don’t offer a great culture, then someone else will. This is something that organisations in principle understand but often don’t put into practice.In order to achieve this, there needs to be a strong foundation of core values and beliefs that resonate with all stakeholders – staff, customers and management.


Lack of Training and Development

If you are not providing your staff with training and development, you are truly setting them up for failure and failure for them means not hitting deliverables for you. Understanding what training and development can take place is by working with your team and having a conversation about what they need; this needs to be an open conversation that is all year-round. Having people feel like they aren’t able to contribute and continue to perform poorly will ensure that are discouraging and become disconnected.


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